The Group

The Group

An over 60-year history accompanies the Boschetti Group, an Italian company operating in the sheet metal cold working and stamping sector. Established in 1956, the Group today includes 3 companies and one brand: Boschetti Armando, BM Beta Meccanica, Beta Steel and the Lasermio brand.
Whilst sharing the main activity of sheet metal working and stamping, the three companies have been specializing in providing specific manufacturing operations for certain product markets.
The Group's manufacturing units are located in both the Veneto and Abruzzo regions so as to more effectively serve the Italian and foreign clients and occupy a total covered area of 23,000 square meters.

A growing group

The cutting edge systems, the Rina certifications, the research for constant improvement (Kaizen) by applying the Lean Thinking concepts, along with the familiarity in using management tools such as PPAP, Kanban, Milk-run and more, allow us to provide the best possible customer service.

The economic growth accompanying the group has been keeping pace with the investments in the best, most recent manufacturing technologies available on the international market.

The investments were equally targeted to all the units, creating the basis for a manufacturing capability capable of serving the clients within the shortest time possible. Furthermore, the presence of identical systems at the various locations makes it possible to provide the clients with disaster recovery procedures, giving them absolute peace of mind when assigning orders to the Boschetti Group.

Not only does the Group invest in manufacturing technologies, but also in its own human resources and in Information Technology (IT), equipping itself with system-monitoring, scheduling, MRP, and client-relation management systems with the aid of CRM programs.

Certain relationships that the group established with its clients have lasted for more than 50 years, thanks to its capacity to offer support at every single stage, lending itself not only as a provider, but as a partner in searching for excellence subcontracting solutions.

Boschetti Armando srl

Founded in 1956, Boschetti Armando Srl is nowadays an important sheet metal work business in Italy. Its ISO 9001 Certification and latest technologies make it capable of working for companies operating in the automotive, vending, heating and air-conditioning industry, the industrial electronics sector, automation, UPS and many other sectors. Its machine inventory allows it to process iron, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and copper sheets.

Beta Steel srl

Beta Steel Srl manufactures metal furniture for the office and deals with subcontracting sheet components, operating mainly in the vending and the heating and air-conditioning sectors. It has also developed solid know how in the processing of prepainted materials and thin materials.

The plant in Lonigo (VI), of over 11,000 sqm, houses the punching and paneling lines, a modern powder coating system and areas dedicated to welding and assembly.

BM Beta Meccanica srl

BM Beta Meccanica SRL was established in 2002 in Casoli (CH), taking advantage of the competences developed by the parent company. It specialized mainly in the production of cabinets for slot machines, stove bodies, aluminum structures and baskets for lifting devices, earth movers and farm machinery. By taking a close look at the market requirements it created partnerships with external design agencies so as to combine an innovative design component and the technical expertise.

Beta Meccanica stands out through its ability to weld and assemble the products even when they require trials or full assembly, in order to supply "ready-to-use" products to the client.


LASERMIO is an online laser cutting service designed by the Boschetti Group. By taking advantage of the know-how and with the aid of the existing systems, on this web platform, you can order laser cut products directly from the website, and receive a quote in real time. The parts are delivered within 5 working days.

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