The figures

The figures

The Boschetti Group has always been characterized by capital strength. The constant strategic investments in new manufacturing technologies, in human resources and in the IT systems have contributed to the competitive advantage of the Group, who is capable of providing its clients with cutting-edge manufacturing solutions and customized consultancy.

In recent years, the Group has also grown by virtue of a strategy of diversification into several manufacturing industries, which allowed it to balance the industry risk and to develop new competencies.

manufacturing industries

The Group currently operates in more than 15 manufacturing industries and stands out as a component supplier for the automotive industry, industrial electronics and electromechanical industry, heating, air-conditioning, refrigeration, electromedical and food processing equipment, construction equipment and earthmoving machinery.


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A growing group

The Group's turnover has been having a constant ascending trend since 2015, the consolidated balance for 2018 is in excess of 23 million as sales volume and the growth is self-financed testifying the group's capital strength.

The investiments involving mainly the manufacturing area follow the latest standards prescribed by 4.0. The available machinery inventory has been significantly renewed due to acquisitions of fiber laser systems and cutting-edge metal punching machines. Solid investments have also been made in the sheet metal folding area, due to the acquisition of automatic tool changing presses.

The Group currently has 110 employees, divided into the administrative and manufacturing areas. The organizational structure comprises a central management, with some centralized main offices (administration, management control, sales, human resources and so on), so as to avoid redundancies and enable rapid response.

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