Weldments and assembled products

Weldments and assembled products

The decennial experience as a top-ranking companies provider enabled the development of relevant competencies in the manufacturing of finished assemblies ready made for direct integration into the client's assembly lines.

The certifications achieved allow us to also perform welding of high-strength steels and aluminum. A large machine inventory, made up of CNC machines, TIG, MIG and MAG welding machines, welding robots and projection punching machines allow us to follow the client from design to the finished product and the test.

Delivery of finished product

A pivotal role is played by the assembly lines designed to supply the finished product directly to the clients for the delivery to the final market.

The competencies and experience achieved allow the Group to support the clients in the new products research and development stage, analyzing the solutions that better suit their requirements.

Management tools such as Kanban, Milk-run and the consignment stock allow us to guarantee a high level of service and optimal management of the stocks and of the manufacturing flow for the client.

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