Accessory manufacturing operations

Accessory manufacturing operations

The strong customer orientation led the group to integrate other manufacturing and assembly operation and to coordinate itself with an external network of suppliers for the management of surface and thermal treatments.

Full and effective service


  • the cutting/bending/stamping/welding activity is integrated with a series of manufacturing operations linked to the presence of a substantial number of machines such as column drilling machines, various types of cutters, CNC machining centers and automatic sawing machines,
  • with the aid of machinery and assembly lines it is possible to provide parts equipped with any kind of small metal components, screws and bolts,
  • the production may be coordinated with the client for the provision of finished and ready-to-use kits
  • the tight collaboration with specialized companies enables the finishing with surface treatments such as painting, cataphoresis, zinc-coating, Dacromet coating and more,
  • the Group is capable of studying and developing assembly lines based on the client's specifications.


  • 3 automatic Haeger machines for fastners assembly
  • Various types of equipment for the assembly of inserts / rivets and so on
  • Finished products assembly lines


  • CNC machining centers with pallet changer

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