The Group companies gained important specific knowledge in the manufacturing of components for the heating sector, such as the weldments for boilers and pellet stoves, working for some of the most important Italian manufacturers. The important stage is the tightness test, which is carried out on 100% of the production guaranteeing maximum reliability of the stove bodies.

The requirements and the requests of the clients, combined with the experience of the Group, with the recognized confidentiality and its logistic capabilities led to the implementation of dedicated assembly and mounting lines, guaranteeing productive flexibility to the client, in observance of the delivery times required by the market and by its seasonality.

The Group is capable of manufacturing the entire structural metalwork, of assembling the electrical and mechanical components and of supplying the product, packaged and ready to be delivered to the end market.

Heating sector


  • Welded and tested stove bodies
  • Painted panelings
  • Air conveyors
  • Mounted assemblies

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