Metal sheet cut and stamped products

Metal sheet cut and stamped products

For the production of specific metal cut and stamped products, starting from the clients' requirements, the Boschetti Group is capable of proposing itself as a sole interlocutor to approach both for the production of dies and for the subsequent production of the requested products.

Metal cut products find their use particularly in the automotive industry, the industrial electronics and the electromechanical industry and are manufactured with the aid of high-performance modular progression dies.

Dies characteristics

The manufactured dies are designed for plastic deformation of the various raw materials with a thicknes of 0.5 to 4 mm and are used to cut specific parts with a force of up to 400 tons.

Management tools such as Kanban, Milk-run and the consignment stock allow us to guarantee a high level of service and optimal management of the stocks and of the manufacturing flow for the client.

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