Laser cut and folded products

Laser cut and Folded products

The bond between available technologies and a large range of materials and thicknesses enable the Group to respond to the clients' requirements, providing an optimal solution for any laser cut and folded component.

The available machine inventory, updated with the latest technologies such as the fiber lasers and the folding presses equipped with an automatic tool changer enables the manufacturing of stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum laser cut and folded components up to 20 mm thick.

High-precision cutting

The fiber lasers allow us to also process copper, brass and aluminum with high-quality cutting. Numerous 8-axes CNC folding presses enable folding of up to 4 meter-long parts.

Management tools such as Kanban, Milk-run and the consignment stock allow us to guarantee a high level of service and optimal management of the stocks and of the manufacturing flow for the client.

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